About Me

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of the Salt Lake City West mission!

My name is Elder Dunford and this is my blog about my experiences here in Utah as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or Mormon church). I am a 19 year-old guy from Georgia, USA who was called to Utah to preach the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Spanish population of Magna and West Valley City. My interests include meeting new people, drawing, and telling people about my interests on a blog! I also speak Spanish! I suppose that makes sense because it would be awfully hard to teach people in Spanish without knowing the language first… Fun fact: I went to the Mexico City Missionary Training Center and was a part of the first group of American missionaries to graduate from there! Exciting! I also went to a year of college at Georgia Tech before my mission to study Industrial Engineering. Since I came to the mission field, I have decided that I want to be a doctor. I want a career that will put me into a position to be able to help people every day, as well as being able to provide for my future family.

I don’t really have a particular direction for this blog other than sharing my experiences serving a mission and providing spiritual thoughts and lessons that I learn out here. I might occasionally post a drawing or two because I really enjoy drawing. I will probably add more to this page later, but this should do for now.

Also, I am open to any feedback you have on what I can do to improve my blog! Please let me know through the nifty little form below! Please be as specific as possible. If you leave your email, I will try and answer you back, but I am pretty busy usually.


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