The Small Things

I was riding my bike yesterday, when I realized that I really liked riding over the dry leaves that had fallen recently. They are normally fun to step on, but steering a bike through a patch of leaves to hit as many as possible is so much more satisfying. As I sped along to our next appointment, hitting leaves along the way of course, I realized that sometimes the small things in life are the most enjoyable. In celebration of the things in life that give me so much joy, I have decided to post every Saturday about the small things that have given me joy throughout the week. I invite everyone to comment on this and add their own small things during the week 🙂

Small Things this week:

  • Leaf Crunching (bonus points if on a bike)
    • See above paragraph for explanation 🙂
  • Stepping indoors when it is cold and rainy
    • Having that comfort of a warm house fill your body after traveling the whole day in the cold wind and rain is such a great feeling. Taking off wet outer-clothes and feeling warmth return to your cheeks and nose with the satisfaction of a hard day’s work is fantastic.
  • Finally remembering Something you have tried to remember the whole day
    • Ah ha! My brain does work! Good job mind! *high-fives head, gets headache*
“Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” President Gordon B. Hinckley